Unit Assessments

During each course there are assessments with model answers which students can use to check their progress. Additionally in every unit there are assessments which are emailed or posted to Avtech for checking. Letters are sent by email in response and advice given as required.


It is the responsibility of students to register their intention to take exams with the administrator.

Exams are taken twice a year, in Spring and Autumn. These are offered at facilities in Bristol with its excellent motorway, rail and air connections. Overnight accommodation at a variety of prices is available nearby.

Before exams are taken, revision documents with model answers are provided so that students can establish which, if any, areas of their knowledge require extra attention.

Examination Details

These may be taken one at a time, in groups or all in one sitting, although it is not recommended.

Advice on a sensible and achievable timetable is available.

Foundation Studies

1 exam of 2 hours duration, consisting only of multiple choice questions.

Airline Ops and Dispatch

1 x 'Core' examination, covering Units O1, O2 and O7, of 3 hours duration. Answers may be multiple choice, true/false, completing a form or the result of calculations.

4 x 1.5 hour exams each, for Units O3, O4, O5 and O6, where most answers are derived from calculations.

Airport Operations

3 x 1.5 hour exams covering the spread of the entire syllabus across all three. Advice on subject revision is available from us when preparing for the exams. Answers are mainly true/false or multiple choice, with others being completing forms or the results of calculations.

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