Terms and Conditions

The Air transport business is first and foremost an industry of professionalism to ensure best possible standards of safety are achieved. It is also about getting people together and therefore a friendly business by its very nature. These qualities are seen in its workforce, and at Avtech International, we try to achieve both in our training programmes.


Over many years we have been able to help students through their studies to success in the City and Guilds exams, and are delighted to have developed real friendships with students worldwide. Our students have also been a valuable help if offering suggestions so that changes can be introduced to keep the programmes as up to date as possible.


Avtech strives to keep things current, but on occasions there may be some detail which is old and in need of revision. Avtech cannot be held responsible for any defects or omissions in technical data; it is essential that Students use currently used official sources for Operational Information.


As updates to units are made, small typographical and textual errors sometimes creep in despite proof reading which we endeavour to correct at future print runs, providing update sheets as necessary. While we try to respond to questions and reply to assessments promptly, there are occasions such as public holidays and private vacations, where this is not possible and a short delay is inevitable. We are also dependant on the postal system for speed and delivery.

We hope that you will understand and be able to work with us to achieve your training goals; we shall certainly do our best, and trust that should there be any disappointment, it can be dealt with in a timely manner. We believe that talking things through together is the way to resolve issues.


However, if, after trying to resolve any problems, you still feel that a refund would be appropriate, then the following guidelines apply.


  • Refunds will only be paid up to the completion of the third unit; after this no refund will be payable.

  • Refunds will be subject to an administration fee


  • Refunds will only be made in full if returned books are received at Avtech in a re-saleable condition; if they are not, then the refund will be on the tutorial element of the course only.


We would, however, see this as being a last resort as it is not what we hope for in our relationships with our students which are normally characterised as friendly and professional- what we all want.


We reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions form time to time.