Prices and 'Small Print'

At Avtech, we do not believe in nasty surprises or hidden fees that jump out when it's too late. We are strong believers that honest, high quality service to all prospective and participating clients is a fundamental principle of business, and we are proud to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Please see below all our course costs, discounts and extras so that you know exactly what you are paying for when signing up with Avtech2000.

Course Costs

Prices cover UK postage, any course materials, assessment marking, and personal tutoring.

For all courses, the units may be purchased one at a time, in which case the unit price is payable. For payments made in full, in advance, the ‘Full course’ price applies, which as you will see, represents a discount of about 10%. A further 10% discount is available for serving members of the UK Armed Services. This is also offered to nationals of some commonwealth countries.


Prices quoted include VAT at 20% but charged on the tutorial element only.


Per Unit

Full Course


Airline Ops and Dispatch

Airport Operations

8 x £80

6 x £220 and 1 (Unit O3) x £300

3 (Units A1, 2 & 3) x £240

3 (Units A4, 5 & 6) x £210




Postal Surcharges

To cover overseas postage, the following are surcharges for courses sent to addresses outside the UK:


Number of Units

European Postal Zone

Outside EU Postal Zone


Airline Ops and Dispatch

Airport Operations

8 Units

7 Units

6 Units

8 x £7 = £56

7 x £12 = £84

6 x £12 = £72

8 x £10 = £80

7 x £20 = £140

6 x £20 = £120

Examination Fees

There is a charge per exam of £30.00 which becomes payable on taking the exam. The fee to cover C&G costs is paid via Avtech2000.





Airline Ops and Dispatch

Airport Operations

1 Exam

5 Exams

3 Exams




For examinations taken outside the UK via the British Council, the fees above are still payable, but additionally the local British Council Offices will make their own charges to cover their costs. These charges vary from country to country. Please contact us for advice on how best to make these arrangements.